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Bessa Valley

Bessa Valley Project started in 2001. The region around Ognianovo village was selected after lots of researches and special detailed analysis of the soil in French laboratories in Bordeaux. The name of the winery "Bessa Valley" means Valley of the Bessi (Thracian tribe that inhabited this land).

Terroir is a perfect combination of clay and sandy-stony soil, mixed with carbonates. The balance between precipitation and temperature levels, necessary to produce quality grapes, is very good. Vineyards are planted on the south hill (4-6 degrees), and between them run air passenger flows, contributing to good ventilation and the formation of aromas in the area.

The company has purchased 240 ha so far, 140 of which are planted with high-quality French varieties – Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit Verdot. The characteristic of the vineyard is also intensive plantings of 5000 of planting material with a distance between the lines 2x1 m, maximum and the foliage reaching up to 1.6 m. Truss is made up with acacia sticks. The maximum yield per ha is limited up to 600 kg of grapes. The company has bought modern machinery for cultivation and processing the vineyard – tractors, sprayers and agricultural equipment & accessories from the companies Lamborghini, Clemens and Projet.


The winery

In early 2005 the wine complex Bessa Valley Winery and Ognianovo Winery was completed. The winery is located at the foot of the hill above the vineyard, an area of 4,2 ha.

The facade of some of the buildings is lined with stones. Currently is produced only red wine. The complex consists of a cellar, two fermentation buildings, offices and administrative building.

The winery has two fermentation buildings with a total of 107 tanks, 105 of them have capacity of 10 tons and two of 50 tons. They are made of concrete, which provides better exchange, stability and balance of red wine.

The winery has an area of 3355 m² and is built on a rock that provides natural insulation and maintains a constant low temperature. The premise consists of three main sectors – wine cellar with barrels, bottling room and warehouse. The winery has a capacity of producing 1 million bottles of wine and processing 1000 tones of grapes in classical French technology. The wine matures in French oak barrels called barriques.